Savoir Faire



Culture establishments :

To protect the cultures against diseases and parasites, the domain Alain Jeanniard uses chemical products only when it is absolutely necessary in an ecofriendly way.

Herbicides are forbidden and grounds are regularly ploughed . Yields are controlled by a suitable cut. To have good sanitary conditions, we make a light thinning out of leaves of stock of vine.

Wine making process:

To obtain the hoped wines, only high quality grapes are used. These ones are collected by hand and at the right time (good climatic and sanitary conditions, perfect stage of ripeness).

To keep the fresh aromas of rapes, the vinification is done in a traditional way which moderate the use of sulphur dioxide.










The reds are bred in oak casks, which 20% are new ones. 50% of the whites are made and bred in new casks and the rest in vat. They are putted together before the bottling.


All the production is bottled (about 22 000 bottles) on the domain. The tradition and hygiene are for sure respected.



















Grands Vins de Bourgogne

Alain Jeanniard



" 20 000 excellentes bouteilles en 2004, issues de vignes travaillées dans une logique environnementale et de vinifications respectueuses des terroirs. "


Extrait de la revue : Bourgogne Aujourd'hui, Juin Juillet 2005.